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About Our Carbon Clad Cookware

Reinventing Carbon Steel

Unlike single layered traditional carbon steel pans, The Strata Pan features a multi-layered construction. It includes a top carbon steel cooking surface, a light responsive aluminum core, and a robust stainless steel base. This elevates the traditional carbon steel pan into something suitable for both chefs and home cooks alike. 



Thanks to it's aluminum core, the Strata Pan is lighter than any other carbon steel or cast-iron pan without compromising heat distribution. This feature eliminates the risk of unevenly cooking food often associated with thinner steel pans.


Just like cast iron, the carbon steel cooking surface becomes naturally non-stick when seasoned, offering a completely chemical FREE cooking experience that’s perfect for delicate foods. The best part is, the longer you use the pan, the better the non-stick performance.

Long Lasting Durability 

The seasoned cooking surface can always be repaired and re-seasoned, unlike Traditional “non-stick” pans that get damaged easily and wear out quickly, meaning frequent replacement and unnecessary waste. The Strata pan is designed to withstand the tough kitchen use and actually improve performance over time. 

Even Heating

Ever wonder why half your food is undercooked on one side of the pan and the other half is burned? This is a result of uneven heat distribution. Aluminum conducts heat much better than steel, so we decided to introduce an aluminum core. Better heat distribution and responsiveness, at half the weight.

Other "light" Carbon Steel Pans 


Our pan features an ergonomic universal shape, suited for any culinary task. It is safe for high temperature cooking up to 600° F and is ideal for getting the perfect browning on proteins and veggies. It's oven safe, and compatible with all stove tops, including induction.  

Learning to Season

Seasoning is the natural non-stick surface that builds up over time as you cook. It may be an unfamiliar process to anyone who has never cooked in cast iron or carbon steel. We want to be completely honest in the fact that seasoned cookware requires a tiny bit of learning, but rest assured, it's easier than you might think. We will provide an easy start guide as well as a detailed care guide to make the transition to seasoned cookware an easy one!


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